Not a photo tip – Trying for a Cookbook from Highlands Ranch Foodie blogger

My friend Lea Ann Brown, writer of the Highlands Ranch Foodie Blog – – posted a contest to win one of her favorite cookbooks if you post photos of foodie gifts you received for Christmas.

I was lucky enough to receive a full set of really good pots and pans – Calphalon Unison. I feel like a real grownup cook now. I have been cooking with a nice set of Faberware pots and pans since about 1978. They have lasted well, but wow what a difference a heavy duty pan makes.

So, Lea Ann here are a couple of photos with Ike overseeing the loot. Also, in the picture are some cool trivits, a porcelain plate that looks like crumpled paper and another cool serving plate. In the background is also a new cookbook Chocolate Snowball.

I do plan on being better at posting to this blog. I have  a many ideas, it’s just a matter of putting the time aside to keep it going and making it a worthwhile blog.

Happy New Year all and check in now and again


5 comments on “Not a photo tip – Trying for a Cookbook from Highlands Ranch Foodie blogger

  1. leaannbrown says:

    Love the loot. And thank goodness for Ike and his vigilance in over-seeing these beautiful gifts. L-O-V-E that paper crumpled plate. You are officially entered in the give-a-way

  2. […] Carol at Grape Imaging  my friend and stellar photographer, got all kinds of good stuff from Santa, take a look.  (I love Ike) […]

  3. Vickie says:

    Wow, Carol, I’m very jealous! (and totally in love with your new platters) Your tree and doggie just finish off a very nice post.

  4. lyn hall says:

    just so you two know, i love ‘listening’ to your chats. keep up the fun work.

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