Photo Tip – Sizing Photos for the Denver Area Metrolist

I have tried to keep up with this blog, but the last few weeks have been packed with jobs. I am not complaining at all, it’s been great!

Periodically, I call Metrolist to find out if I am sizing the photos properly – It had been 448 pixels x 290 pixels. This time I was told 640 pixels x 480 pixels – which I was pretty sure was  not the same proportions as what I had been using. So, I did a test. I uploaded a photo that was 64ox480 and then proceeded to look at it on the mls. It was distorted – the photo had been stretched to the elogated rectangle on the site.

I went back to the drawing board…and thought if the old proportions still worked, but we could upload a larger photo – I would try that. In order to figure the proportions using 640 as my width. I went to google and found   –  I could type in the old proportions and one new proportion and it would give me the other side. Turns out it is 640×415 pixels.

I tried the new size and presto, it worked.

797510a  mls Front

My goal is to make sure we see the best photos out there for real estate. If Realtors® and their assistants don’t know the correct proportions, their photos are never going to look right to the public. So, what do we do?

3 comments on “Photo Tip – Sizing Photos for the Denver Area Metrolist

  1. RealTips says:

    One option is to ask you MLS to never distort your images. There are techniques they can use such as adding a border if necessary to keep the photo’s proportions right and preserve the size that they want.

    • cgrape says:

      Thank you for the suggestions – Asking our mls is like asking a glacier to move quickly. I don’t even think the tech folks really look at what is out there. My next step is to try and talk with one of our board liasions to see if they can get to the bottom of the issue.

  2. leaannbrown says:

    Great information Carol. Thanks for the post. Lea Ann

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